Model A-30 Altitude Encoder

Compatible with virtually all transponders in use today including MODE S

Two different models available.

Mod 5 (A-30.5) reports to 30,750 Feet

Mod 9 (A-30.9) reports to 42,000 feet and provides dual RS-232 Outputs





  • Quick release mounting tray
  • 4 foot harness
  • 4 foot pitot-static line
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation manual

**NOW with TSO C-126b APPROVAL**

Beacon Registration Forms by Country

*Now Approved in Brazil*

Click here for ANAC Design approval letter.

ACK E-04 406MHz Updates / Publications

ACK 406/121.5 MHz E-04 ELT








The new E-04 ELT is a direct replacement for the 62,000 model E-01 ELT's we have produced. The new E-04 fits directly into our currrent E-01 mounting trays, and uses the same remote control panel indicator. The E-04 external antenna will utilize your current antenna mounting, and wiring installations.


  • Accepts GPS position input data from Bendix/King, Garmin, NMEA 0183 GPS.
  • New antenna is swept back 20 degrees, and features a molded plastic base.
  • 5 watts @ 406 MHz for 24 hours, and 100Mw @ 121.5MHz for 48 hours.
  • New simple plug in audible alert indicator.
  • New lithium battery pack offers a 5 year battery life, and makes it substantially lighter.


Retrofit Kit: transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antenna, plug in audible alert, install manual. MSRP $620.00


Complete Install Kit: transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antenna, remote control, mounting tray, retaining straps, plug in audible alert, remote cable, coax cable, install manual. MSRP $660.00